falling deeper
3.// you're beautiful.

This is for all the girls who are pretending they were ugly
& to all the girls & boys, who called other 'ugly'
& to all the boys, who are in love with her.

To all the girls..

Girl, look at you in the mirrow... wow... how beautiful you are.
Look at your eyes.. they are so deep inside.. look at your body.. it's perfect.
Do you thing, you're too fat?- No! You're perfect, how you are.
Oh.. and what's that? Your smile? Girls, what a wonderful smile!
Never forget to smile.. this makes you to the most beautiful girl on earth.

Allways remember:

To all the girls and boys who called someone 'ugly'

Why do you do this? Do you want to hurt her?
Well, you hurt her, but the problem allthough is there.


calling someone stupid, won't make you smarter.
calling someone ugly won't face you prettier.
calling someone fat won't make you skinner.

To all the boys, who are in love with her

Boy, if you love her. You have to say it.
And don't tell her she's hot.
Tell her, she's beautiful.
Every girl wants to be beautiful, 'cause hot, sometimes is twardy.



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4.7.07 13:45


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